Real peace for mind and soul. We bet you have not experience such a stage in cities. Rustic Holidays have Earthen cottages


The urban kids are invited to spend summer, Diwali and Christmas holidays in Kokan at Mamacha Gav. They are invited to spend a few days as if they have been to their grandparents’ ’ place, to play local games, to go for a ride in bullock cart, eat local fruits like Raw mangoes directly from the tree, climb hills, relax and have fun in a water tank and know more about Kokan, it’s culture, it’s vegetation, the birds, the local sports, local festivals, folk arts and a lot more... To tell in short, they are invited to have fun in the rustic culture/surrounding.


Enjoy The Exotic Monsoon Of Konkan And Also Be A Part Of Traditional Janmashtami Celebrations. Clean & Prestine Showers.Natural Waterfalls, Amazing Weather.


Diwali is festival of lights, colors & joy. But now a days its only about new cloths & expensive fire crackers.

Solace… Peace… Tranquility… All these are hypothetical terms and our life is often a quest for them. But searching for space to rejuvenate, to refresh is a real requirement, especially for the large populace of urban India. Yes it is indeed a very, very, big need for all the people like you who are a part of highly busy schedules and over-packed routines. And do you have a space that can provide you solace… A space that'll give you the change you require… A place where you can forget your busy schedules and relax without any tension…. Rustic Holidays can give you the answer to all your questions.